why did 2 people just unfollow me? wtf.

Sep 1 21:10

screamingiminlovewithyou AND PICKLES EW NO THANKS

Sep 1 21:00

screamingiminlovewithyou coconuts smell baaaaadddd it makes me wanna barf all over everything

Sep 1 20:58 ( 1 )

niall horan makes me so happy. his smile lights up my life. his laugh makes me laugh. he is a genuinely happy and caring person. i just love him so much.

Sep 1 20:41 ( 2 )

i would totally put coconut oil in my hair to make it healthier but only if the smell of coconut didn’t make me wanna throw up

Sep 1 20:39 ( 1 )
Sep 1 20:29 ( 12 )

August 30th ‘14

Sep 1 20:23 ( 267 )
   If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or some you feel need some cheering up. If you get some back, even better!

awwhhhhh thank you so much!

Sep 1 20:18


it rained and this was the result

Sep 1 20:13 ( 20 )

Chicago, August 29th

Sep 1 20:08 ( 548 )

8/29/14 - Chicago, Illinois

my picture

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Sep 1 19:26 ( 283 )
   Ugh! I'm so sick of people telling me im doing something wrong and I should do it their way! Why can't people just let me be? There are more than one day to do things, people need to learn that their way is not the only way. Needa way to not let this get to me haha and needed to rant sorry.

tbh i feel the same way. people are so hypocritical. you do you and don’t worry about anyone else. if they don’t like the way you do something, tell them to fuck off. just shake it off and don’t let anyone walk all over you and tell you what to do. take a stand. (and don’t be sorry about ranting. i love it.)

Sep 1 19:25

it’s bananas like a fucking orangatang bitch

Sep 1 18:19

freaky ass goat

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